Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Life Week 3

Here is week 3 for Project Life. Hopefully the pictures are glare free this week.
My week runs Sunday through Saturday. I notice you can see my pink fuzzy slippers in this shot. Hey, I live a classy life **snort**.

The highlight of this week, definitely my youngest making the Honor Roll. He struggles some with school, so this was a HUGE accomplishment for him. Sunday's picture includes Pastor leading bible class in the Fellowship hall. I included the study sheet for the lesson.

We had our first winter storm and snow days. The boys don't enjoy them as much as they use to because now they are old enough to shovel. BUMMER! I included screen shots of the weather forecast/Winter Storm warning from the Wunderground  weather website. The boys were looking like wildthings so haircuts were in order. I added the appointment reminder card.  That's it for week 3. I just uploaded week 4 to the Walmart website so I should get my photos later this week.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Life

I am doing Project Life this year. I attempted the project back in 2010, but failed miserably. I got to April, and gave up. This year I'm determined to document my family's daily life. Instead of taking a photo daily (this is what put me over the edge 2 years ago), I'm concentrating on taking random photos throughout the week. I may take 3 pictures, I may take 15. I'm also making an effort to collect daily ephemera to include in the weekly spreads; things such as receipts for gas, fast food receipts, emails, church bulletins, ticket stubs etc.
I've completed the title page and first 2 weeks so far. I'm always a week behind due to uploading my photos online and picking them up at Walmart. I'm not printing my pictures at home due to 1. a crappy printer and 2. I'm too cheap to use all that printer ink and photo paper.
Here is the title page:
Please forgive the poor picture quality. I have no clue how to photograph the layouts without getting that nasty reflection. I need to get a good photo of Mike to place in his slot. I love using my Cameo machine to cut out all kinds of fun shapes and captions.

Here is week #1:

I strongly dislike my handwriting. It's messy and unsightly, but it is the easiest and fastest way to get the journaling accomplished. I also hope my family looks back and can appreciate the handwritten pieces. My most prized possessions are my grandmother's handwritten recipes. This week, I have a regular  8 1/2 x 11 page protector between the layout pages that I used to hold Thomas' basketball program and my department meeting agenda.

Here is week #2

Again, sorry for the glare. I must work on my photography skills! Ephemera this week includes  snack packaging and a shopping list. I'm making a point of photographing the routine, mundane happenenings, like laundry, dishes, snacks etc. I plan on taking a photo of our home during all four seasons. I also plan on photos of vehicles, cell phones (those change quickly!), clothing, meals/recipes, family pet, and home decor.
Here's to 52 weeks of everyday life photos and journaling!